Do you have a keep "it in the cupboard" cup habit?

Where do you keep yours?

Research from coffee shops tells us that only 3-4% of their customers who buy their daily coffee bring their own reusable cup.

Why so few? After all insulated coffee cups of all shapes and sizes are sold everywhere coffee shops, gift shops, petrol stations, clothes shops, train stations, airports and more.

But if you spend any time people watching in a queue at your regular coffee retailer like Starbucks, Costa or Cafe Nero you will hardly ever see anyone with their own. We know as we regularly hang out in coffee shops!

When we were designing Cupple we did our own research as to why this was - the simple answer is that carrying a coffee cup is.... "inconvenient, too bulky, leaky, not always needed". Whereas carrying a reusable water bottle is a necessity for some. That is why we designed Cupple as a water bottle but with the insulated lidded cup tucked away ready to be used - if needed. No bulk, no inconvenience.

We read a brilliant article in the Irish Times last month. Catherine Cleary discusses the history, uses, issues, behaviours and everything else around the little ol' plastic lined paper drinks cup which is causing a huge environmental problem globally and is now subject to the Latte Levy in Ireland. As with the plastic bags the time has come to stop trying with the carrot to tempt people to stop using the single use coffee cup with discounts but now to hit them with the stick and a charge every time they forget to bring their own cup.

What do you think? Will it work?

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