Does yours fit?

Did you know we specifically designed Cupple with a diameter of 7.3cm. Why? So it will fit in your car cup holder! 🚘

The standard car cup and bottle holder in the EU is 8cm diameter.

Nothing more annoying than spending money on a reusable cup or bottle that doesn't fit in with your life - we know we tried them all.

So we designed Cupple to be as convenient as possible.

It was never just about combining a bottle and a cup.

There was a whole lot more thought that went into the design to ensure Cupple became more convenient and brought more joy than a single use cup or bottle.

Who doesn't like the way the cup gently slides off the bottle? For us it's pure joy.

Buying a stainless steel water bottle or an insulated coffee cup is an investment and should be with you for many years so making sure it fits into your life and is as convenient as possible should be what product design is all about. 

No fiddly parts, easy to clean and is light and slim.  We think our unique Cupple design ticks all the boxes. 

We hope you do too?