Set of four brushes

Set of four brushes


This lovely little eco set of brushes from Bambaw is the perfect addition to your kitchen and not just for keeping your Cupple bottle and cup clean, these 4 brushes will get into hard to reach places in vases, bottles, jars and more.  

1 x Cupple bottle brush / all bottle brush

1 x Cupple coffee cup / wine glass brush

1 x jars / vases

1 x metal straw brush 


  • Sisal

    Sisal fibres come from the Agave Sisalana plant, which provides solid and long-lasting fibres, thin enough not to leave any scratch.

  • Cotton

    The soft cotton tip is only there to offer you a more efficient washing as well as a scratch-free guarantee.

  • 304 Stainless-Steel

    The 304 stainless-steel wire's flexibility enables the brush to bend easily and to reach more complicated and smaller areas to clean. This material is also a recycling champion as 60% of the new stainless-steel production comes from recycled material.