Why Cupple?

Apart from the good old Thermos flask, an insulated bottle with a smaller tumbler on the top, there is no other combined water bottle and insulated cup on the market.   

S'Well were the first reusable water bottle to market in the US and the founder Sarah Kauss has an inspiring story to tell of how she made the S'Well bottle and brand the leading reusable water bottle in the USA. 

Here in our home market, Chilly's had cornered the market in the UK and widely in Europe with their simple, retro-designed, insulated bottle promising to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.  The modern version of the Thermos flask, but with one thing missing a cup.

There is a problem with thermos or insulated bottles. Once they have been used for coffee, soup, tea they leave behind that nasty after taste.  

So for all those who like to make their own coffee, tea or soup there is an array of suitable insulated bottles to keep liquids hot until they are ready to slurp. 

When we were doing our research into single-use litter, it isn't those who make and carry their own drinks that litter the environment. In fact those people tend to be hikers, picnickers, walkers and environmentally aware nature lovers!  It is the rest of us, who demand to have that bottle of water when we feel thirsty, whenever and wherever we are and a barista-poured coffee when out and about, needing a caffeine hit, on the way to work, out shopping, post workout, travelling, in the car, at the airport, commuting or pitch side!  

Cupple had to achieve two things.  Carry half a litre of water AND include an insulated drinking cup with a lid to offer a convenient alternative replacing two of the most commonly discarded single-use items, plastic water bottles and coffee cups. 

Cupple is unique, a quality, thoughtfully designed 2-in-1 bottle and cup.