Why Cupple?

We designed Cupple as we had a problem that was niggling us.  We both carried a refillable reusable water bottle around with us but every time we stopped for a take away coffee or tea the only option offered to us was to have it served in a plastic-lined paper cup with a plastic lid. 

Still, even now in 2022 this is the only option offered in 99% of take out drinks retailers around the world. 

There are those who are experimenting with a circular reusable cup scheme but otherwise the only option right now to reduce the waste footprint created by the on-the-go drink (and food) sector is to bring your own cup or bottle. 

And roughly only 3% of customers in your average UK coffee shop bring their own cup. 

It's all about convenience.  It always is. What is the most convenient way to grab lunch, to buy my milk, to reheat my food and to get my caffeine fix when not at home? Single use packaging. 

But look at the plastic carry bag and the plastic bottle of water, slowly over time people have listened, taken note, realised what's cool and what's not and moved to carry their own shopping bags to the shops and carry their own refillable water bottle. So if so many people have got used to grabbing a water bottle on their way out the door why not grab a Cupple? 

Cupple is a refillable reusable BPA toxic-free stainless steel water bottle with an insulated coffee cup and lid tucked away inside.  

The 2-in1 design ensures the combined convenience of carrying both cup + bottle with you all day. Use it or not, the cup is there for that spontaneous or planned coffee break.

Stylish, sustainable, reusable and insulated it's a 100% improvement on the paper cup although still the same lovely ergonomic shape - no one wants to drink from a cylinder!