Caring for your Cupple

Cupple® has been designed with clean simple lines. Simple to use, simple to clean. 

The diagram shows how Cupple twists together.


  • Simply twist off the outer sleeve to reveal the cup and lid
  • Twist off the double-wall insulated coffee cup from the bottle and fill with 12oz/340ml of your favourite hot drink
  • Carefully push the silicon lid onto the top of the cup after any steam has cleared.


  • Unscrew the lid from the water bottle, fill with 18oz/525ml of cool fresh water from your tap or fountain (NOTE: the water bottle is single-wall and not designed for hot liquids)
  • Tighten the lid to ensure it is leak proof
  • Twist the outer sleeve back onto the bottle when the cup is being used to provide stability.


  • Once you have finished your hot drink you can simply twist the empty cup and lid back onto the bottle and reseal inside the sleeve. This will prevent any little leaks inside your bag.


  • Do not turn upside down or shake the Cupple cup when there is hot liquid inside
  • When using the cup for hot drinks, allow the steam to escape before putting the lid on to reduce the pressure inside the cup. If using the lid, do not fill the cup with boiling liquid as this may affect the seal between the lid and the cup
  • The water bottle and outer sleeve are both single-skin stainless steel. Do not use for hot liquids as they will become hot to the touch
  • Do not use in a mircowave. 


  • Do NOT put any of the components of Cupple in the dishwasher as it will affect their performance.  We recommend washing Cupple in hot soapy water. Ensure all the components are dry if storing fully assembled.
  • For deep cleaning use 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda with water

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A Cupple is for Life

For every Cupple sold over the festive season
we will donate £1 to the Woodland Trust