Q: What makes Cupple different from other reusables? 

A: Cupple combines a reusable cup AND reusable water bottle in one, reducing the number of items to carry for a sustainable, on the go lifestyle.  Save space. Save waste.


Q: Why did you create Cupple? 

A: We want to be part of the change in people's mindsets to waste.  A disposable, plastic-lined paper cup has a lifespan of 15 minutes before it ends up in the bin.  Yet it takes a huge amount of resources to make, trees for the paper, hydro-carbons for the plastic lining, making, pressing, packaging and delivery. 

Over 16 billion paper cups a year are disposed of globally.

Simply carrying a reusable cup with you every day will make you part of the change, so when you buy your coffee you are not buying a paper cup to throw away.  Daily, weekly, monthly and annually you will be saving the world, one coffee at a time, from unnecessary waste.


Q: How long will the Cupple cup keep the drinks hot? 

A: The Cupple cup has fantastic insulating properties. It will keep your drink hot for up to 3 hours. Long enough for you to enjoy your freshly prepared, hot drink.


When using the cup for hot drinks, allow the steam to escape before putting the lid on to reduce pressure inside the cup.  If using the lid, do not fill the cup with boiling liquid as this may affect the seal between the lid and the cup.


Q: How much liquid does the bottle and cup hold? 

A: The bottle holds 525ml /18oz of liquid. The cup holds 340ml/12oz - which is a medium coffee in retail outlets.


Q: What are the dimensions of the whole Cupple: 

A: Cupple is 26cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. 

The coffee cup is 5.5cm diameter at the base and 7cm at the top. 


Q: How much does Cupple weigh? 

A: Empty Cupple weighs 490g


Q: Can I use the water bottle for hot drinks?

A: No. The water bottle is not insulated, it is a single-wall stainless steel bottle to keep it lightweight and therefore for cold liquids only.  CAUTION:  The bottle will be extremely hot to the touch if used for hot liquids. 


Q: Does the water bottle keep my water cold? 

A: Yes. Although not double-wall insulated the water bottle does have three insulating layers around it by design. 

The coffee cup and outer sleeve cover 3/4 of the bottle and therefore create layers of insulation ensuring the water is kept cool.


Q: Is Cupple dishwasher safe? 

A: As with all stainless steel bottles and cups it is recommended that they are washed by hand. The chemical detergents used in dishwashers are pretty powerful and can degrade the coatings, any plastic and silicon. 

We would recommend using the Cupple brush (available on our website) which with warm water and gentle soap will leave your Cupple squeaky clean. 

From time to time, you may also want to add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with warm water in the bottle, give it a gentle shake and leave it to soak for an hour. This will ensure an even more thorough clean.  



Q: Can I use the outer sleeve as a drinks container?

A: The outer sleeve can be used for cold drinks such as milkshakes or frappuccinos. It is made from the same food grade stainless steel as the bottle and cup. However it does have a sharp edge so it twists seamlessly on to the bottle, we would therefore recommend using a metal straw to drink from the outer cup.   

CAUTION:  The outer sleeve has no insulation and is NOT suitable for hot drinks.


Q: Will Cupple fit into my cup holder in my car? 

A: Yes. We designed Cupple to fit in all standard cup holders. The standard measurement in Europe is 8.5cm and Cupple is 7.5cm in diameter so will slip into your holder easily. 


Q: Can Cupple be branded with a logo or personalised?

A: Absolutely we are working with a partner who perform the highest quality branding of Cupple. For individuals you can select your personalisation preference under Cupple Extras and then we will email you for your letters (up to 4).  Please get in touch with us for more information on branding and personalisation:  hello@cuppleup.com


Q: If I was interested in stocking Cupple on a wholesale basis who should I contact? 

A: We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at hello@cuppleup.com


Q: Where is Cupple made?

A: Designed in the UK, Cupple is made in China. After a lot of research we were advised that globally all stainless steel drinksware is manufactured in China. They can ensure high quality materials and safe production.   We work with a partner in Shanghai who ensures the factories that supply and make all the component parts of Cupple are fully audited under SEDEX,  which ensures employee and environmental standards are maintained. 


Q: Are you developing any other products? 

A: Yes! Planning is already underway to add to the Cupple family, both as accessories and other combined reusables.  If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you:  hello@cuppleup.com