Lowering our waste footprint through corporate gifting.

We love working with companies large and small.  We have engraved thousands of Cupples since we launched with so many beautiful, unique and iconic brands.

As you know Cupple is not just another water bottle and one of the clients we have worked with recognised the brilliance of our unique design straight away.

Read on....

We have been working with BT Sport (now part of Discovery Channel) for over a year.  They have gifted branded Cupples to the whole team, front and back office in order to eliminate single use plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups from their working environment.

Not only lowering their environmental impact and waste footprint but also lowering costs and making a saving year on year.

Sustainability for companies always starts with getting your own house in order. We are BT Sport so not surprisingly we've called it 'playing at home’

I had no trouble convincing the team to carry water bottles and therefore it was simple to just remove plastic cups from the building. But then there was the coffee cup problem. That meant asking the team to carry a bottle and a coffee cup.  No chance. Not convenient. 

By chance I saw Cupple online -  just genius.

I incentivised everyone, by knocking 15p off the price of a coffee if they provided their own cup and gave them all a Cupple. It really helps that they are well made and come in lots of colours. It's so much easier when everyone wants one. Maybe too popular - I'm on my second batch of 300 already -  but my coffee cup problem is now solved."

F.G – Head of Operations and Sustainability at BT Sport

Another very popular way of encouraging the use of reusables in the work space is to gift Cupples to new starters, as part of an on-boarding pack.  We now work with several organisations who engrave their company logo and employee initials on the bottle and the first name on the Cupple cup. Meaning everyone has their unique Cupple and there is no mixing up at the kitchen sink or losing your cup or water bottle in a meeting room!  

It's a win win. A great investment in to your new team member and a brilliant, unique and personal gift that they will treasure and most importantly use! And a tick in the environmental impact box and your ESG credentials will be much improved. 

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